Trust and Earning Your Business Temple of the Ancient Dragon

Trust and Earning Your Business Temple of the Ancient Dragon


Addressing Designer's of Fine Jewelry Customer Information


The Temple of the Ancient Dragon was founded in 2000 but was involved in jewelry work for over twenty five years, recently as our sales volume has increased ten fold so has “Internet Trolling” where certain designer's have made claims to some very suspect designs trying to stifle business and keep the prices high in the market saying “that's my design” or even going as far as defamation and harassment.


I will inform you we are prepared with a legal team specializing in Copyright Law and are fully prepared to deal with each and every individual should these claims escalate and we will contact law enforcement should said threats continue or pursue slander and defamation on each statement.


We hold U.S. Registered Copyrights on over eight hundred designs an stand behind our design integrity, our Design Team has been designing jewelry for over ten years, and the overall the team is responsible for millions of dollars in designs and sales worldwide. We back our Design Team with Insurance and Legal Resources and those who claim “that is mine!” must decide to approach our Corporation in a professional manner or we will refuse communication and should it escalate file harassment and defamation charges in the appropriate local court system.


I as the International Sales Manager handle all calls, and I am not a person who is intimidated or scared off by comments on a telephone call or email, so you start with the drama in conversation, you get absolute zero from me as in cooperation and suggest you save your drama for someone who actually wants to hear you yell or raise your voice, for you will get a dial tone from me, or a spam notification.


Like designs do occur and I will inform you that with such like designs the Copyright Law protects certain aspects but we are not engaging in Copyright Fraud or Image Fraud, if we were the photos we use would have Trademark Symbols or Designer Marks, should any photo we have posted have such attributes because our Design Team used a concept or like, we will remove the design and reprimand the designer. Our Design Team uses inspirational drawings and conceptual designs, and sometimes such designs look or are similar but rest assured the specific style comes from their computer not download and steal.


But beyond that is the part you as the Consumer should be aware of the “tactics being used “ and avoid such designer's as they are unscrupulous in business and should be avoided.


  1. That a designer or store is making “knock offs!” If you are deliberate in copyright theft you would be like China selling Harley Davidson exactly as the factory makes them, no one would be engaged in that except off shore companies. We have similar designs as many others do and because certain symbols are esoterica, or religious many representations can stem off a certain seal, a God or Goddess or a Holy Symbol etc. No one can copyright those symbols and while certain rings, necklaces or bracelets can contain these symbols and be copyrighted as we have done as well, the claims are a uphill battle and few if any are acted upon by the court system due to use being historical in nature.

  2. Claims of inferior quality, well this is most used and can also be a problem on both sides, but designers will make the claim “that designer makes inferior or cheap jewelry” while that does happen The Temple of the Ancient Dragon and its affiliate sites guarantee and stand behind its manufactured jewelry for same content, an size, and gram weight but for much less. We have low overhead because of volume sales, and this allows us to pass on lower prices than many and thus they decry “not as good” or “poor quality” when in truth the quality is frequently better or equal and the designer's have been caught “overcharging,” Ask the designer's to explain why costs are higher ask the gram weight and ask for documents, we provide all of these at request and strive to provide the finest in Gold, Silver, and Platinum.

  3. When times are tough, or slow downs in the Economy claims of theft of images and other crazy claims come into play as designer's should be more focused on sales, than “trolling!” I am warning designer's right now should this continue against us we will be with the help of our partners in Iceland create a site dedicated to your store or design studio and post the lies and bitching you are doing, so you will become famous for pretending to be famous. This has got to end and I will protect customers from the rhetoric of your jealousy or assumptions showing the world your ignorance, since we have so much to do taking care of customers that there is no reason to argue and lie, we have policies an can cooperate with you company.


In Social Media when times are slow people often with nothing to do, will attack other companies and or businesses that are moving forward, making up almost anything and everything to thwart the efforts of those who are successful, and those businesses should always be avoided.

I will in the future be involved in a heavily tagged and paid SEO website describing these Internet Trolls by name, address, phone number and copies of their comments and trolling. This will stop or I promise it will.


The Temple of the Ancient Dragon is a MacAfee Safe Store and SSL Secured and a Pay Pal Pro Merchant along with Millions in Transactions, so we are in no way a company involved in Fraud, we did not win so many accounts and great celebrity customer's by being a fraud or having problems with others designer's and we are not about to start.


Thank You

Dr. Tom Erik Raspotnik

International Sales Manager

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Welcome to the Temple of the Ancient Dragon's Future

Welcome to the Temple of the Ancient Dragon's Future

We would like to welcome you to our new portal which represents our future feel free to visit us often and find the new rings, necklaces, and bracelets and earrings all new and skull and occult and steam punk related.

The site is secured by SSL and Mac Afee Certificates so your shopping is safe and fraud resistant.

Thank you 


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