Affiliate Program for Temple of the Ancient Dragon

Affiliate Program Temple of the Ancient Dragon Good afternoon, we appreciate those who help us in our endeavors, we offer an incredible affiliate program for bloggers and those who love to share and post jewelry. Temple of the Ancient Dragon backs its program with the following tools and processes to enable you to quickly be up and running. We have installed some programs and track all links to our sales, to double secure your experiences as an Affiliate. 1. Temple of the Ancient Dragon requires all affiliates to possess a Pay Pal Account and securely provide a Pay Pal Email in which we can disburse payments to you the affiliate. 2. Payment comes monthly and is released as it confirms, all links and sales are viewed by Sales and Marketing to ensure proper payment is released to the right affiliates. 3. We hope your experience and partnership will entitle us both to prosper, so we have created a incredible payment program that entitles you as an affiliate to financially benefit. No Contract Required. 4. You can share products with your Social Media to earn even more, by effectively using our Share Button's it is harder to track so please share information with us as far as numbers shared to and whom as far as audience. We also follow up Email our customer base with a quick and professional survey, which finds also where they found us. However this is not one hundred percent since customers do not always recall where they saw us, but we try in every way to make sure our affiliates are compensated. 5. We pay at an accrued amount of fifty dollars, all Affiliates who earn 50.00 or more and disburse at the end of each month a Pay Pal direct deposit. 50.00 or more at a time. 6. Those who did not earn fifty dollars will be held over for a maximum of 60 days and we will deposit the amount which is accrued in the account. 7. How we pay is an important factor in the partnership and we will detail that in the next section. 8. We are not responsible for Affiliate Errors in Posting or Sharing and errors reported are not eligible for payment. Payment Details Temple of the Ancient Dragon is determined to ensure proper professional payments are rendered and we have installed systems that allow us to ensure transparency in the process. 1. On Sales and Leads Rendered (which purchase). 2. Social Shares (which purchase). 3. We pay FLAT COMMISSION which can quickly add up: FOR EXAMPLE a Silver Engagement Ring Sale Price of 200.00 your payment would be 10.00 which is very profitable considering we handle all payments and services on the jewelry. So in other words a full 5% which can be considerable lets say a 2000.00 Sale you would earn 100.00 and considering many of our average sales exceed that this is a good rule of thumb for what you will be generating by being an affiliate with our company. 4. But we also have a nice bonus for those interested, we also keep a points system and accumulating points will earn you some very nice jewelry from our company we will feature some gorgeous jewelry which affiliates can earn for every 1000.00 spend by customers you earn points 1000 points and at every 10,000 points you will earn something very nice from a selection of jewelry we will offer during the entire affiliate year. We will post selections here on this page in the next 90 days. Thank you, should you have any questions please write us Thank you Temple of the Ancient Dragon